Friday, September 08, 2006

The Round-up

Friday Night memories:
The morning class was cool- I will be trying to win money at current and she seems really cool- I also won the heart of the assistant since I remembered his film from last year

the afternoon equipment was...ok. I really need to figure out how to make a cart thats not too big. I was a goddamn Shirpa today and it's only the first week.

Then off to the Museum of the Moving image: I was really impressed- this place is fantastic and is so relevant to verything everyone in my program is doing. Awesmoe. The coolest thing was the sculpture "Feral Fount" by Gregory Barsamian really amazing and soo inspiring.

Oh but before that I had my haircut at my friends new slaon and it was nice chatting etc..but then she put this goop in my hair and let it curl and I wasnt into it at all and felo like a real greaseball at the museum but after Yoga by the time i got home (now) it look spretty slamming, I confess. Finally a haircut- it's been since February...

So there was Yoga- incredibly full! so annoying, but at least the teacher is back- but for all the new people she tones it down alot and we spent the last 15 minutes laying down.

but since I put a quilt under my mattresss to offset the dip the back is still no good.

Going to a party soon. I hope the beer's cold this time.

Oh, and lest I fail to mantion: I totally farted, out loud, in yoga. it sucked. I still feel wierd thinking about it.

Tiling tommorow and more museums and art.