Thursday, August 17, 2006

You shoulod have SEEN the banana candle!

So last weekend I was discussing with some friends (since you are reading anyway) the atrocities that make up the early days of food photography. Now, I used to work for a food photogrpaher and so got to meet lots of interesting people who make thier living as "food Stylists." These people are artist, chefs, modelmakers, sculpters and generally a little wacko too. These guys were super talented and must have had alot to overcome, judging by the history of this artform.

We looked at some old Better Homes and Gardens jellied molds and Uuuuugly presentaions of casserole surprises galore. Now I regret not buying "Cooking with Bananas" which I found in a used cookbook store ( places like that are why I can never actualy leave NYC, no matter how much I complain about it.)

Anyway I happened to come across this site yesterday. It is a tribute to all that is this kind of "art." Not to mention snort-out loud funny commentary on the "styling".

It takes high Art to a new Art- especially with all the sexual undertones and imagined realities. I think I will start collecting these too. You know, for the kids.

mmmm...sweet, sweet Chilled Celery Log....



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