Tuesday, August 29, 2006

You know...

Since my last day of work on friday it has become Insta-Fall. It has been cold and damp and rainy and cloudy and not at all like August but more like february without being tooo cold.

I am trying to get my schedule set in my mind for next semester whcih begins next Tuesday.

I'm very nervous about all this.

On the plus side I met some INsane couple with a clothing business who need a site so I'll have some extra cash soon- which i will put towards a computer or a mattress.

Also I am eating alot of sugar cereal which I bought in bulk at Costco over the weekend. It is a Kellogs trifecta of Fruit loops, Corn Pops and Apple Jacks...hese are all among my top choices fro sugar c ereal and I am enjoying it immensly. Its about time for a nother bowl- with skim milk, of course.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

You shoulod have SEEN the banana candle!

So last weekend I was discussing with some friends (since you are reading anyway) the atrocities that make up the early days of food photography. Now, I used to work for a food photogrpaher and so got to meet lots of interesting people who make thier living as "food Stylists." These people are artist, chefs, modelmakers, sculpters and generally a little wacko too. These guys were super talented and must have had alot to overcome, judging by the history of this artform.

We looked at some old Better Homes and Gardens jellied molds and Uuuuugly presentaions of casserole surprises galore. Now I regret not buying "Cooking with Bananas" which I found in a used cookbook store ( places like that are why I can never actualy leave NYC, no matter how much I complain about it.)

Anyway I happened to come across this site yesterday. It is a tribute to all that is this kind of "art." Not to mention snort-out loud funny commentary on the "styling".

It takes high Art to a new Art- especially with all the sexual undertones and imagined realities. I think I will start collecting these too. You know, for the kids.

mmmm...sweet, sweet Chilled Celery Log....


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lame, whiny Blogger

I'm trying desperatley to hook myself up with a neeew MacPro book, but damn is that shit xpensive!

I thought about art ideas last night and came up with a list of things to do that I proably will never do. What is that? Where is the motivation I need. How can so much greed and ambition have so little drive.

Sometimes I want to apply to be a shopgirl rather than really getting my portfolio together. Thing is, I work. Work is supposed to make work, but real work- 9-5 kills all cells and leaves a girl drained. with no desire to exert. You'd think that going to the gym everyday would help- but that just makes me mroe tired. Hmm...chronice fatigue or laziness?

Wow- good thing I look good today- cause I feel like shit.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I Thwart, You Thwart, S/he Thwarts, They Foil!

My work sent this out in refernece to the thwarted terrorism of today:

The Transportation Security Adminstration (TSA) instituted the following measures after
* Liquids are banned from carry-on luggage and cannot be taken through security
checkpoints. That includes drinks, toothpaste, perfume, shampoo, hair gel, suntan
lotion and similar items. Drinks purchased in the airport cannot be carried onto flights.

* Medications will be allowed but must be presented for inspection at security check-

* Mothers can bring baby formula on board, but only after drinking it in front of security
officials first. (this will indeed catch terroristãs!)

* All shoes must be removed and placed on an X-ray belt for screening

* Pasengers are also asked to arrive at least two hours early to allow for additional

* Passengers traveling to the United Kingdom should contact their airline for information
about any extra security measures or precautions that might be required. Laptop
computers, mobile phones and IPods are among items banned on British flights.

Can you imagine flying without an ipod?! This Sux...but well done on the thwarting, Britain- Well done!

New year- new postings

So it's been a full year since I've been here- how time smacks a person around is crazy rude.

My first year of grad school was pretty miserable, but I think I'm getting the hang of it...I have to come up with a thesis project to work on for the next year of my schooling...horrifiying? Yes. Worth it? Prolly not. Sucker for stress and dissapointment? Oh my, yes.

So I've made up for it by having a wicked awesome summer- yeah, for real....

I went to California where I surfed and mountain biked (not fun) and drank wine. I went to rock camp and was in a band for three days. I surfed again.

I go to the Y -EVERY DAY after work...oh yes..I'm not losing lbs., but the ass has shrunk and the legs are tight...now thats Sweet!

General goodness...with a hint of anxiety over what kinds of artistic endeavours I'm not producing as the end of my twenties zooms forward...I can't wait to be 30+ but I just have certain expectations of where I want o be by then..doesnt everyone? especially in NYC where there is so damn much to compare yourself to..ah well...I'm trying to be cool...healthy...not like that....

good things today:

giant puppets!

great rates! seriously- I'm, trying to become as knowledgable as possible about financial shit- too many people get effed by not taking care of themselves correctly...it's true!

That is all.