Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Summer Update Y'all

This summer has been a series of X-treme highs and lows.
  • 3 days in Cape Cod at a private house on the beach.
  • Watching a lightning storm over the ocean from that house.
  • Drinking and singing for free every Monday night
  • bought 2 dresses that i Loooove ($10 each)
  • couple of really good beach trips.
  • I've been eating like a queen thanks to my personal chef.
  • VENGEFUL return of Migrane that lasted two and a half weeks in June,
    landing me in the ER one and a half times.
  • RELENTLESS humidity and heat mixed with the already unsavory feel and smell of the city. (I do not have AC)
  • INEVITABLE re-gain of the five lbs I lost before May.
  • and most recently the: UNFORTUNATE spill that has had me in bandages and limping for a week. I will probably lose my toenail. The idea of this makes my stomach quiver.
That's the update.

I have 4 days of work left (including today)..this is perhaps the greatest news I have had since I got the job.

My job here is done in all senses. When I started here X & Xtine were both miserable, depressed, lonely, and sexless. I leave them both medicated (they go to my Dr. for Rx's),and in relationships (X is moving in with his hippy lady and Xtine just became exclusive with her chef-man).

There are only the three of us in office and we all have our various medical needs. I sent them both to my psychiatrist and they both went. I take Wellbutrin™, X takes Celexa™, and Xtine takes Paxil™. I think the doc looks like a turttle on account of his neck to head proportions/positioning, so now we all take time out of our days once a month to go 'see the turttle'. Tom Cruise can say what he wants- but this office is far better off on drugs.

What else? I have learned that although I enjoy poker very much I really don't play very well. I have learned this by losing a huge amount of money over the last six months. Money I should have used on an airconditioner. Whatevs.

Anyways- its only one more week of editing porn like this little gem:

No more "Snow pups" no more "anal ladies" no more "very accommodating and mature" no more "'Greek' Goddess" no more " toilet and dildo training"...the list in endless and my vocabulary greatly expanded. Also my notions of sexuality has been greatly affected. I'm glad to get out.

Anyways I might be buying a great laptop for cheap from my boss and I've got some good plans the next few weeks and possibly some good drugs to with...things are looking up.


At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lost a finger nail once. I covered it in gauze for 3 weeks until it was bearbale to look at. You'll be fine.


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