Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I need to shave my tounge

Since I had nowhere to be today I drank about three pints of tequila,among other things, at karaoke last night. I came home a few hours before Skinnard had to go to work and I slept past all daytime programing. It is brutally hot in the apartment and my body is in bad form

I found this
site that has some interesting "cures" that I might try next time...cause there's always a next time y'all!

Skips: Eat a bag of skips. The saltiness of them instantly makes you feel muchbetter,and the strong prawn flavour removes that manky taste you always have in your mouth

I think I know what Skips are, and I am sure I know what manky means.

If you like being super hungover, but your headache isn't giving 110%, then read these rules and observations on how to navigate the U.S. Open in Queens.


At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone should tell the young Scot Andy Murray who, in his first round match of the US Open, vomited on the court. Said Pukesy MacMurray, "I thouught I was going to burp and then I threw up. It's kind of funny, really."

With Andy's mojo gone THIS is the Great Narrative of the US Open.


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