Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Fuzzy Tuesday

I have been to Florida and am now back in the shitty. It is good to be back but I think we could use some palm trees and bodies of water that is turquoise instead of grey. Last night I went to NA with hopes of hanging out with Nicole Ritchie. She wasn't there- or I didn't get in the VIP room- but we had fun with the two hours of free Jack Daniels. We looked good and felt good and had a pretty wild Monday night.

• I am an official cater-waiter and at a Bar Mizvah last Saturday I got recruited to another company. So I'll be making good money and the work is mindless and keeps me busy- and entertained. If you've never been to a rich kids bar mizvah in the west 80's I recommend it: there were dancers and a baseball theme and I walked out with a cap, glove and a couple balls as well as a gorgeous bunch of spring flowers.

••I am seriously going to start a t-shirt biz. Why can't I profit from idiots who want to wear clever sayings?

••I took a class at the learning annex: How to Start Your own business..And it wasn't great- the guy is kind of weird and kept telling anecdotes about him and his wife- but he wasn't wearing a ring and I didn't believe he was the husband type.

••feeling hungover and can't focus my eyes.

Friday, May 06, 2005

NYC Spring is like getting an enema by a gang of bored bullies

Ok- this week all I've learned is that when you tell the truth- you get fucked. When you work really hard and do a good job, no one notices and they turn around and screw you over. Seriously This week has been as fun as getting a septum ring yanked out by a gang lord who wants his money back. FUCK!
Not only have I been working three other jobs apart from my FULL time job~ every time I turn around I am getting told off. I went for an interview and was told my work was too low end and that no one would hire me if I was going to school in the fall- WHY did I tell the truth about that? Something else bad happened because of the truth that I don't remember...
Then last night at my first cater waiter gig I was the only one who had any innitiative or experience and was working as hard as I could doing a good job and then today I get a call from the office yelling at me because S. said I was bothering him about whether we get to eat or not. I asked if we got dinner. HOw is that bugging? I didn't ask twice, and at our training we were told they HAVE to feed us. Now thats TWO weeks in a row I've had trouble with the office and I've only worked five hours for these douchebags. I hate that asshole- he didn't even stay until the end and made the sous chef sign us out. Fat-ass-loser-dickbreath. Goddamn it- I want to break someones face. I'm going on vacation-I'm going on vacation-I'm going on vacation-Im going on vacation-I'm going on vacation.
I'll be snorkeling and driving in the sun wearing open toed sandals and short skirts. I was gonna get a bikini wax but I don't think I can take the abuse right now.
FUCK I hate this city. Everytime I start feeling good about something I get reminded that everyone here thinks I am shit and I will never get anything worthwhile out of being here. Most overrated place in the world.