Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Too Lazy to post

This Daylight savings hour has changed my life! I've been diagnosed with gerbilia and my hair is growing back into my head. I love spring!

I've made it a recent mission to nose my way into my youngest sisters life. I've taken the stance that she can't talk to our parents because It is, like, so frustrating, so she should talk about stuff with. I then tell my parents that she is fine and does not need to go to a special school. Unless she wants to.
She's not even a sophomore yet but I'll have her into college, early decision 2007. (her graduation date is '08) Yoawza!

They were all right-my new Adidas®deodorant is proving its worth in dry underarms! And its aluminum-free. I haven't been this interested in roll-ons since Secret Platinum® made the waves seven years ago.

••My new meds make me yawn every five minutes- Is this pre-stroke behavior?
Why can't I understand how to do what I want on the web-site I am making...its so frustrating- do I use HTML, or flash, or both, and if both, then how ? And in what capacity? Really, now. Shouldn't I know by now? I'm going to spend some time on 'style gala' trying to find some answers

••PS-It must be pretty bad to catch the ebola virus on your birthday and throw up all over your financial firm offices.


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