Friday, April 08, 2005


•Lifehacker is an amazing idea for a web site- its almost too obvious . Why hasn't anyone done this well before? My goal in life is for maximum efficiency. Hold on, not in the way that I have a blackberry glued to my hand and talk fifty words a second and train starbucks employees. But there is a deeper goal of being inbothered because everything is done. In jobs I do it well- not so in life. But lately I have been given the chance to change a lot about how I live my life (read: medication).

Once I worked in a terrible restaurant that is now closed forever {YES!}. Orlando (say it like Jerry Blank), the able busser/runner/waiter/expediter was a busy guy. This guy would bust his hump all the time, for a boss who was psychotic and we just didn't know why he was always so anal. When asked why, Orlando said "I'm lazy, and I want to be left alone. If I do things better and faster, then I can be left alone that much sooner."
Ok, so the quote is not verbatim, but I always remembered the gist- and I admired him. I was enlightened. My inherent laziness has been a problem all my life- but here was a way to get things accomplished, while psychologically appeasing my natural tendencies.

Point is: I love the fastest, smartest, most informed and thought out way to everything- in my head I am a real neurotic about it. I don't lose my mind anymore, and have been able to channel it into good. Life hacking is basically what I love to do: figure out a way to maximize my leisure time. Everything from going to the grocery to saving money, to traveling. It all boils down to selfish fucking-around time. I love to sit and fuck-around at nothing, just read this entry.

Anyway I already wrote in a couple tips and will try my best to not write them again unless it's super super necessary- otherwise I can see myself on a blocked list

•In other news, I have 6 books about it and cannot make a decent site.
•I played poker at work yesterday and won 25 dollars.


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