Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I might have to buy a tux!

This week- a birthday looms..A woman plans...
I interviewed with a catering company- and it went well- but more importantly it allowed me to be in the union square area and led me to have the most amazing falafel sandwich I have ever had (EVER). SO whomever is on the corner of University and 12th st. You MUST go to that little pita place- you will not regret this advice. Maybe you will, I don't care.
I watched one too many Law & Order episodes last night and I had a scary dream about mobsters and scandals and guns.
The pimple fairy visited me twice last night.
I'm afraid my new medication regime is not entirely agreeing with me yet- I felt like my forehead and stomach were on a similar wavelength of pain and destruction yesterday neither one willing to give up .
I am so tired today.

••Gwen Stefani says "people don't get that I'm really a big geek" she is naively wrong. We get it, its obvious. You just happen to have good art directors and stylists and great genes.
I wonder what she does for fun? push-ups? writes in her diary? writes in her dumb blog? counts her money? adds extra facets to her diamonds?


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