Friday, April 15, 2005

Annie is a cute woman!

•••I can't beleive I saw Annie last night! It was really great and I felt cool to be on "the list". The place was PACKED! and we were ttrying to get upfront to dance- but no one was moving and no one was dancing- pretty lame. But we got there early for free drinks and I got to enjoy a pretty place like the Tribeca Grand for free. Annie sounded great, although a little quiet and shoegazer-y, and it was generally a perfect evening- including the expensive steak I had at The Spotted Pig (which was o.k, but I've eated waaay better for waaay less hooplah and money) Fantastic espresso. My credit card is now banished back into a drawer, and out of my wallet.
I think I might pass on the Misshapes party Annie is spinning at now, since I saw her play. The place will probably be mobbed.

••I know a guy who plays music with a cool band. Way back in the day he sported a custom made belt buckle a la ghetto fab, and it looked pretty cool- especially 'cause he is a skinny, pale while guy. The Scroling Belt Buckle is the next step for aspiring trendmakers- or aspiring assholes who want to seal the deal. Now all that needs to happen is for Lindsay Lohan to wear one that reads "Hey, stop looking at my crotch".
Q: Is this buckle compatible with the standard buckle belt?
A:"Yes. We don’t sell actual belts, but you can probably use any existing buckle-style belt you have. Or get one at, like, any store."

Any store? Ooh. I ,like, totally, er, get it.

•••Tonight- maybe I'll skip out on the birthday party at Capone's that I'm organizing and head over to the secret Beck show. Arent secret shows supposed to be free? Why is it a whopping $25? That's like my lunch budget for the week yo!

••Free Annie Show at the Tribeca grand.
••2 Free vodka cranberries (thats a cape coddah to you) at Tribeca Grand
••Awesome sweater with small hole-$11-patched up in 5 minutes. $8 hot tank top.
••$7 high heels.
••Free shipping of Nubbins gift.
••Free spa and facial treatment tommorow- old gift certificate from boss.

not bad.
oh, and I got a PT job.


At 2:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's a cute woman!? You're a cute woman!


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