Thursday, April 21, 2005

Things I WANT. Part I (of an endless, greedy series)

Well, since I will be going to school soon, and trying new things (like wearing a tux, if I ever get a catering job) I would like to remind myself of the small (yet out of my price-range) luxuries that would enrich my life could I afford them. This is what we're working for people! ( and of course a sense of fulfillment, and helping others and world peace.)
I'm sorry, but I want the following:

so sad

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My first item is "Contact lenses" These are on sale at but its still over a hundred bucks. I would really like to trade in these specks for the cool aviator shades I have. I wait.

Around the HOuse things:

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Yup- Someday I will have an official BED.
This one is calld
"Sealy Posturepedic Lancome Pillow Top Mattress" and the damn Price range: $1,099.00 - $1099.00

I sleep on the same lump futon that's been breaking my back now for four years.


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HOw much of an asshole am I? Well, for starters I have this big red lucious mixer in my kitchen- and I use it to make fresh cakes, and cookies–everyday!

Bike+Cat=2 Birds

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The following section deals with my desire to exercise- but in the funnest(what?) way possible. THis bike is on Craigslist for $100 and has a really nice rear-basket situation. The cat does not come with it, but a cat is still on my list of "I WANTS". One day when I'm in chrge I'll have a kitten, goddamn it.

Jumping the ropes

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It's so simple- and every thing I read/watch about exercise says its the best- I don't really know where I could do this in my apartment or in front of my building?

So what?

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Yeah, so I want one, who cares? I want one real bad but it is impossible to justify $30 for a fucking ball (still want one.)

Le Sportsac RULES!

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Oh man, these patterns and styles reduce me into a complete retard. Suddenly the only words I know are "so awesome" and "hot". Basically I tun into Ms. Hilton.
THis little number is called a 'Large Studio' handbag. It's so gorgeous and utilitarian I ca-

Sportsac blue/brown hot
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Damn! I love these colors together- its nice when other people do too.


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How enticing is this- it's one part Minnie mouse, one part upper east side grandma and one part juniors section at Macy's, and one part eighties-romance-movie. It's got a hold on me.

sportsac flowers

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I can see myself using this for school-and feeling a little legally blonde about it.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Annie is a cute woman!

•••I can't beleive I saw Annie last night! It was really great and I felt cool to be on "the list". The place was PACKED! and we were ttrying to get upfront to dance- but no one was moving and no one was dancing- pretty lame. But we got there early for free drinks and I got to enjoy a pretty place like the Tribeca Grand for free. Annie sounded great, although a little quiet and shoegazer-y, and it was generally a perfect evening- including the expensive steak I had at The Spotted Pig (which was o.k, but I've eated waaay better for waaay less hooplah and money) Fantastic espresso. My credit card is now banished back into a drawer, and out of my wallet.
I think I might pass on the Misshapes party Annie is spinning at now, since I saw her play. The place will probably be mobbed.

••I know a guy who plays music with a cool band. Way back in the day he sported a custom made belt buckle a la ghetto fab, and it looked pretty cool- especially 'cause he is a skinny, pale while guy. The Scroling Belt Buckle is the next step for aspiring trendmakers- or aspiring assholes who want to seal the deal. Now all that needs to happen is for Lindsay Lohan to wear one that reads "Hey, stop looking at my crotch".
Q: Is this buckle compatible with the standard buckle belt?
A:"Yes. We don’t sell actual belts, but you can probably use any existing buckle-style belt you have. Or get one at, like, any store."

Any store? Ooh. I ,like, totally, er, get it.

•••Tonight- maybe I'll skip out on the birthday party at Capone's that I'm organizing and head over to the secret Beck show. Arent secret shows supposed to be free? Why is it a whopping $25? That's like my lunch budget for the week yo!

••Free Annie Show at the Tribeca grand.
••2 Free vodka cranberries (thats a cape coddah to you) at Tribeca Grand
••Awesome sweater with small hole-$11-patched up in 5 minutes. $8 hot tank top.
••$7 high heels.
••Free shipping of Nubbins gift.
••Free spa and facial treatment tommorow- old gift certificate from boss.

not bad.
oh, and I got a PT job.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

2005-The year that

•Britney proves she has unprotected sex with her 'husband' ( I don't think he knows about birth control- this will be his 3rd child in 3 years!!)
•The pope died
Las Vegas Turns 100!
•I got into grad school and my sister finishes college

And It's only April!
So much to do.
Why don't I do 100 lunges a day?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I might have to buy a tux!

This week- a birthday looms..A woman plans...
I interviewed with a catering company- and it went well- but more importantly it allowed me to be in the union square area and led me to have the most amazing falafel sandwich I have ever had (EVER). SO whomever is on the corner of University and 12th st. You MUST go to that little pita place- you will not regret this advice. Maybe you will, I don't care.
I watched one too many Law & Order episodes last night and I had a scary dream about mobsters and scandals and guns.
The pimple fairy visited me twice last night.
I'm afraid my new medication regime is not entirely agreeing with me yet- I felt like my forehead and stomach were on a similar wavelength of pain and destruction yesterday neither one willing to give up .
I am so tired today.

••Gwen Stefani says "people don't get that I'm really a big geek" she is naively wrong. We get it, its obvious. You just happen to have good art directors and stylists and great genes.
I wonder what she does for fun? push-ups? writes in her diary? writes in her dumb blog? counts her money? adds extra facets to her diamonds?

Friday, April 08, 2005


•Lifehacker is an amazing idea for a web site- its almost too obvious . Why hasn't anyone done this well before? My goal in life is for maximum efficiency. Hold on, not in the way that I have a blackberry glued to my hand and talk fifty words a second and train starbucks employees. But there is a deeper goal of being inbothered because everything is done. In jobs I do it well- not so in life. But lately I have been given the chance to change a lot about how I live my life (read: medication).

Once I worked in a terrible restaurant that is now closed forever {YES!}. Orlando (say it like Jerry Blank), the able busser/runner/waiter/expediter was a busy guy. This guy would bust his hump all the time, for a boss who was psychotic and we just didn't know why he was always so anal. When asked why, Orlando said "I'm lazy, and I want to be left alone. If I do things better and faster, then I can be left alone that much sooner."
Ok, so the quote is not verbatim, but I always remembered the gist- and I admired him. I was enlightened. My inherent laziness has been a problem all my life- but here was a way to get things accomplished, while psychologically appeasing my natural tendencies.

Point is: I love the fastest, smartest, most informed and thought out way to everything- in my head I am a real neurotic about it. I don't lose my mind anymore, and have been able to channel it into good. Life hacking is basically what I love to do: figure out a way to maximize my leisure time. Everything from going to the grocery to saving money, to traveling. It all boils down to selfish fucking-around time. I love to sit and fuck-around at nothing, just read this entry.

Anyway I already wrote in a couple tips and will try my best to not write them again unless it's super super necessary- otherwise I can see myself on a blocked list

•In other news, I have 6 books about it and cannot make a decent site.
•I played poker at work yesterday and won 25 dollars.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Too Lazy to post

This Daylight savings hour has changed my life! I've been diagnosed with gerbilia and my hair is growing back into my head. I love spring!

I've made it a recent mission to nose my way into my youngest sisters life. I've taken the stance that she can't talk to our parents because It is, like, so frustrating, so she should talk about stuff with. I then tell my parents that she is fine and does not need to go to a special school. Unless she wants to.
She's not even a sophomore yet but I'll have her into college, early decision 2007. (her graduation date is '08) Yoawza!

They were all right-my new Adidas®deodorant is proving its worth in dry underarms! And its aluminum-free. I haven't been this interested in roll-ons since Secret Platinum® made the waves seven years ago.

••My new meds make me yawn every five minutes- Is this pre-stroke behavior?
Why can't I understand how to do what I want on the web-site I am making...its so frustrating- do I use HTML, or flash, or both, and if both, then how ? And in what capacity? Really, now. Shouldn't I know by now? I'm going to spend some time on 'style gala' trying to find some answers

••PS-It must be pretty bad to catch the ebola virus on your birthday and throw up all over your financial firm offices.