Friday, March 18, 2005

What was I saying?

Set up Quicken last night- no more pecuniary problems for me! thats what I thought anyway until I opened up the latest keyspan and coned bill- totaling $212 how is it possible to use that much electricity?! I'm so glad I won't have to pay it after this month.
It's mostly the roomate:
•Plugs in amp for hours at a time
•Leaves lights on through the night and during the day
•Leaves DVD player on
•Leaves cable on

I was unable to brush my teeth today because the bathroom was being used for horrible noises.

•About today:
≈I am wearing the tight jeans for the first time outside of the house. Nubbin, don't get upset.
≈A couple people at work got laid off. I really have to start getting some call-backs.
≈Listening to LCD soundsystem- pretty fun
≈Will try to plan out the next weeks meals by being VERY organized and scientific.
≈I have to have $8 last me until friday.

TMN has a cooll link to a list of bands that reference other bands: a practice I endorse.

Last night I dreamt that I was part of J.Lo's staff and we were heading to some media blitz thing in a mall. On the way we ran into Howard Stern and the two hugged. He looked like Howard Stern, including the height, but was dressed like Woody Allen- he was wearing a button down tucked into khakis and had a short haircut and glasses and a young girl in tow.

while all of us now were walking to the event, JK shows up and hugs Howard Stern and I thought ' I guess it was all for show'. Then it's a blur except for at one point JK. dropped to the floor ( in the exact way that Rebecca from Top Model did; loud head crack on the floor) He was really out and I remember calling EMS, and them saying it didn't look good. I went throuhg his cell phone to find someone to alert, but everyone said he was a notorious liar and very evasive about his personal life so the numbers there wouldnt be real- I called the number for "Mamma Money" and got an angry lady...I don't remember what happened after that.

In a couple weeks I will have a test at my psychiatrist's for ADD- i took a mini test yesterday with him and I din't get a perfect score- in fact I missed the same question twice!
I'm supposed to be thinking about how this might have played out during my life an di am realizing I have been far less that focused as far back as I can remember. Oh well. I guess all that pot in college just made everything worse.


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