Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Wednesday. Premiere Day.

Oh Man! I was so wrapped up with nudity I forgot to mention the most important news items of the damn day!
That giant from
Everybody Loves Raymond won the Celebrity poker game on Bravo. He beat George Costanza, Theo Huxtable, Colin Quinn and Bonnie Hunt. I visited Phil Gordon's website yesterday and it didn't really satisfy. He did post a funny letter from a crazy fan, so I guess he gets points for that.
Tyra freaking Banks was on Conan last night and I didn't know about it. I did watch the UPN special about the girls last night and it was good. Amanda will never be a model, go blind and have to accept it. Nicole ( my favorite) doesn't seem to have a clue. Everyone else is predictably still determined to be America's Next Top Model. Poor idiots, they have nothing left.Ann and leah moved to Brooklyn- I can't wait for someone to find out where. Let the stalking begin! I can barely hold my excitement about tonight's dinner party for the premiere. I already bought the wine!
In case anyone missed Conan's latest 'In the year 2000' predictions here are some samples:
"A man will get a best buy at Best Buy, he will then get some staples at Staples, and then he will head over to Taco Bell and get diarrhea."
"The continent of Asia is arrested after its caught buying beer for Asia Minor."
"An Aardvark will accidentally ingest a bottle of Viagra and suddenly become a hard-vark, I'm very sorry."

Job ops:
Opinionated 16-19 y.o. Guys & 18-19 y.o. Girls: $100 for 2 hours of work. Would you trust a company called Flamingo International San Francisco with a 16 yr old with spunk? You would? oh

The embarrassingly pathetic plea from Star Trek is working? that is gross.


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