Monday, March 07, 2005

Po-mo-pets & ho's

I really want a kitten, but other people's damn allergies are standing in my way. I went to Petland over the weekend, and was so desperate I actually cooed over some tiger fish. Once I bought some Neon Tetras from WalMArt when I was in college. I bought 4 and they fought and ate each other until there was only one asshole left. I 'gave' him to my mom and he lived for another 5 damn years! I'm hesitant to go through that again, but I really want a pet. Even though I am a little nauseated by this site's title, they have really nice things. I kind of like the BIOrb Aquarium and the Racetrack bowl the best.

••Most influencial/powerful women in America. Condi tops the list, but I could never do anything on her orders. If Oprah asked,I would probably join the army. Good thing she's lower on the list.

•I don't see why I can't be a pastry chef AND a rock star. Then they'd all listen.


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