Monday, March 21, 2005

Peppered with coldplay and Dave Mathews

The poisoning was on a full roll this weekend and I had a great time singing, dancing, eating, drinking and going home after the sun came up. I still have a rasp in my voice from screaming out loud Saturday night to the musaak beats of a sub-standard karaoke machine.
Since none of birthday girls cheapo friends brought her anything nice we made sure she left with a bouquet of ballons stolen from a neighboring birthday party. I think she liked that.

I've never been too crazy about Blackjack, because it happens so quickly, but I'm afraid this article tempts me like crazy. like really CRAZY!

Colleague is playing a medly of songs I had my fill of ten years ago:
walking in memphis, the wrong way (sublime), Mercedes Benz (Janis) etc.... It's pretty annoying.

Possible lead on practice space + drummer + another voice +bass/guitar = hmmmm?

I'm a hunger.


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