Thursday, March 03, 2005

No Yorkie for me?

Sometimes I buy lunch at a place called Guy & Gallard not only because it is convenient butbecause they carry chocolate imported from England that isn't available in most U.S. places. Anyone who has ever had a Cadbury Flake® or a Bounty® bar knows that this stuff is the real deal. So today I noticed there is a new addition to their candy bar selections. These new bars are stacked so I couldnt read the name on the front, but I could clearly read the side panel. In large, oblique, sans-serif, it reads: "IT'S NOT FOR GIRLS".
I asked to look at the candy bar and found out it is made by Nestle®. It's called YORKIE, and the designers made the 'O' in the name out of a 'no' symbol crossing out a woman symbol. ????!!!!!!
I found this as means of an explanation via MediaGuardian:
Yorkie chocolate bar has been relaunched with a new advertising campaign which is based around the concept that it's "not for girls." Following on from their macho Yorkie trucker, who represented the brand from the 70s to the early 90s, Nestle have decided that its time men had something that was just for them.

Nestle's marketing director said: "...we felt we needed to take a stand for the British bloke and reclaim some things in his life, starting with his chocolate... Most men these days feel as if the world is changing around them and it has become less and less politically correct to have anything that is only for males. Yorkie feels that this is an important part of men's happiness and is starting the reclaiming process of making a particular chocolate just for men." TV ads are running with the phrase "It's not for girls", while posters and billboards tell us "don't feed the birds", "not available in pink" and "King size, not Queen size."
The "O" in YORKIE has been altered to show a round road sign with a line crossing through a symbol of a woman. Right. So... they're actively disuading women from eating chocolate. Not the greatest marketing decision in the world, is it? You couldn't make this up could you? Just another reason not to buy Nestle products I guess, apart from the powdered milk / third world babies fiasco...
Oh, poor men. They never get anything just for themselves- those damn girls keep getting more power, more money and better vibrators. I'm sorry.

This is a genius way to get girls to buy a chocolate: dare them to to. I must admit it's simple logic is psychologically advanced. This kind of advertising makes me very, very nervous. I hope this is not a trend, but I'm sure it is the beginning of something annoying. How much snarky 'irony' can you attribute to a damn chocolate bar? Quite a bit, I guess.

Also, they look very delicious.


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