Thursday, March 03, 2005

The news?

• ANTM recap: Brita will win. They havn't had a blonde yet, and she is fine! Best line of the night coutresy of Tiffany, whom wowed us last cycle but got kicked off for her thug-ishness:
"I went from America's most wanted to America's top model!" you go girl, I guess.
There were so many sob-stories from these deperate girls who think modeling is their only option in life. This season will be really good- I have a hot tip that they might be going to SOUTH AFRICA! you heard it here first.

•Denise Richards gets pinched, wakes up.
•Tonya Harding to Wrestle Trannie! "The gender-bender brawl takes place March 10 at Beach Bums in Fort Lauderdale."
•Throw out your razors. There are only 8 months of hair growing left!
•Just when we were so damn close to seeing some raw dead donkey scenes, they get cut.


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