Thursday, March 31, 2005

New season..breaking through...ungh

So today I got a C + so to speak, on my ADD test. Meaning: on a scale of 0 (no ADD) to 10 (ten year old boy on pixie sticks and soda) I came out as a perfect 5, on every test. This means I am not that challenged, but I am not in the clear either- Dr. laughed at me a little when I couldn't remember the question about how often I forget to pay attention. yeah, haha. Whatever, I guess I feel pretty good about myself- hes not giving me Ritalin, just upping the Wellbutrin-so I wont need to be on 3 different meds...Good times with ritalin in college.... things are always better when they're not actually meant for you.

Some Songs I wish I wrote:
  • Riannon
  • Chain of Fire
  • You were right (built to spill)
  • Oh, Darlin
  • Vacation (go-gos)
  • All Apologies
  • She's like a Rainbow
  • Heart of glass
  • Hang on to your ego
I like my new office space, but I think we might be moving again...we'll see. I don't see why I can't get a 10k raise. Technically it is fair.

My fingers still hurt from playing intense guitar scales for six hours five days ago.

: The world is full of more than I will ever understand. (I feel bad for the DVD cover designer)
The braindead girl died today despite the lord's soldiers attempts to stick tubes back in. Yesterday I found her blog.


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