Thursday, March 03, 2005

Keeps getting better

••The Drudge report has caused such an uproar that the New York Press website has crashed from all the traffic. Geez, you say a few things about the pope and people take notice. I guess the NYPress is on a roll. Last weeks cover story slammed CBGB's with the headline: "Hey! Ho! Let it Go!" it was about closing the place down as the bowrey gets made into the next SOHO. So thats the end of that business relationship- CB's didn't run their listings in the paper this week for the first time ever, and I doubt will be comping any tickets for members of the NYPress. At least the paper will get a good reading this week.

•On a more Anna Nicole Smith note:
Some people were made to blogossip. This is my new favorite blog. Great job Trent. You are truly, truly outrageous. No one else is the same.


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