Friday, March 04, 2005

It's a television reference!

When I was younger I had very daring fashion sense, if I do say so. I mixed prints, wore fishnets under black shorts, wore Doc martens with dresses etc... I know! Outrageous behavior! Sooo rebellious! Sooo original!
Fine, so I wasn't
that trendsetting, but I did like to spice things up a bit.
Now, the most adventurous I look is when I wear a fraying old gold belt that is not so gold anymore.

One of the resons I've become a clothes bore is because what used to be interesting and cool, is now sold at Barneys and Sears. What used to be a thrift store, good for finding interesting, funny, inspiring treasures is now called a Vintage store that I can't afford.
So damnmit, when I wear a solid shirt and jeans every day it
is a rebellious fashion statement. Against tilted foam hats bought in boutiques, ugg boots (even my mom has knock-offs of these), short skirt with ruffles, statement t-shirts and pre-torn jeans and shirts.
Pre-torn is pretty retarded.
Anyways, in the spirit of the Weird Owl show tonight at Luna Lounge, I am wearing the Wrangler® blue cordouroy (sp?) vest I got for my birthday. It's not an item that gets out often enough- when was the last time you saw a vest? I feel like Donna Pinciati, and it's not a bad feeling at all. I think I feel groovy.
There is a lot of news today (Martha!) but for me the biggest is my sister's birthday. She lives in FLA and has quite a day planned. It started with a Red Sox game, then a couple busses will take her and 70 of her closest friends to a place called the Mansion in South Beach (If you go to the link- go to the celebrity gallery page for a very yellow photo of Ashlee Simpson with Biz Markie). Sound's expensive so I hope every one of her sorority sisters are shelling out for this fête. I feel really old. I said
groovy. I......

•Playboy has a nice interview with Michael Stipe.


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