Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Is it raining or snowing? What the HELL!

•Well, I had been wondering what the Karate kid had to say about Hillary Swank. Ralphie doesn't look so hot.
Since I'm on the Post, I thought Grubman was BFF with Tara Reid:

On Lindsay Lohan:
"She's so played. Who does she think she is? She's going out every night of the week ... I mean the girl is like Tara Reid."

Why does the world want to keep looking at this obnoxious, idiot anyway. I'd like one good reason she should have a reality show. Things are getting out of hand.
Also, socialites playing DodgeBall? How completely charming! How plebeian! When will this kind of crap end!
•Are we in a Golden Age of Fugdom? Salon thinks so, and I agree. Maybe there is revolution of ugly going on.
Martin Denny, pioneer of tiki exotica music died. You know- the stuff that goes along with rockabilly culture like pulp drawings of half-naked ladies and lots of bamboo and grass skirts. In small doses, it's a change from the ordinary. An amateur reviewer at Amazon says this about the music:
The music is not of Hawaii or Polynesia or any other "real" culture, but a complete commercial fabrication, the world of the tiki lodge and resort Hawaii. It brings the guilty pleasures of a Hawaiian vacation into your living room, soothes the spirit, and lets the mind drift away. A must for summer nights on the deck.

I admit that on a grey, rainy and snowy day some xylophone plinks and bird calls sound pretty good. R.I.P Denny. Where the hell is my Mai-tai?!

•••Feeling better. Will try to go swimming tonight. I oonly have a few more days of free gym membership. I still have some lbs. to lose. I missed Fat Actress last night but I don't really mind. Today I will finish my taxes and look for a better job online. Goddamn I need a better job. I do have a window though. Windows don't pay the damn rent y'all.


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