Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hey there, Fancy Pants

So Nubbin came over and helped me with finances some more and I feel so much better. I will stick to my shiny new BUDGET (quicken like chicken)!

Also, the Motley Fool directed me to a site that lets me check my credit reports and get my credit cost some money, but I will get updates on my status and since a loan will be asked for later this year I need to know where I stand- and the results werent bad like I thought they would be.
This is the beginning of my first fiscally reponsible year! I've even budgeted for gambling.This is all in hte positive new directon of my future- that is actually thinking I might have one was a major step.
So the next 4 years are very important and will be filled with maturing, enlightening experiences.
- I guess in between all the growth I'll throw in few benders, late nights and poison.

Sweet, sweet, poison......


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