Thursday, March 10, 2005

Further or Farther??

••I was waiting in my psychiatrists office and was delighted they had a brand new magazine! I looked through the fresh edition of New York Magazine and it was cool. But there was a chart that reminded me of someone else's charts so I bravely wrote her a letter of warning. Here is that letter, reprinted with my permission:

What's up Rabbit?
LTR, 2nd time e-mailer. The first time was a couple years ago when you had some sort of contest and I knew the answer so I e-mailed you about it.
Anyways, this month's New York Magazine has a page about the "approval matrix" (pg.154, it's unfortunately not online).
The 'Approval Matrix' is a four quadrant chart detailing some current trends as they fall into the categories of what we 'approve' and 'disapprove' in relation to what is 'highbrow' and what is 'lowbrow'. Maybe they have an old reader of yours at the helm, but didn't you pioneer that chart like, forever ago?! Back in the days where there was still a tiny little penis, before there was a 'Rabbitblog' or a 'Wonkette'? Those fools think they are so clever!

I guess the purpose of the letter is just to give you a heads up that someone is biting your steez and to say I'm glad Filler's still online- it's good fun being able to go back and re-read those gems.
Also, I'm sorry about giving you another damn magazine to read.
truly yours,

Doesn't sound too gay does it? I mean lame, not homosexual.

••ANTM was a dooooozie last night! Brita (my number one pick for the win) was the first to go!!! While Nubbin thought that would mean the end of my dedication to this cycle, nothing could be further from the truth. This upset has renewed my faith in the show, and reminded me that in ANTM, just as in life, anything is possible!. Thanks Tyra. (Tyra is getting a bit full of herself on this cycle- which will be interesting as the competition remains lukewarm)
I'm leaning towards the one who looks like Carmen Kass or the hipster/edgy-girl from two years ago.

••So I took the first step. I admitted I have a problem. I keep losing at poker. Yesterday I bought a book. Today I will fashion a cover for it out of a paper bag, á la middle school, so I can read it on the subway without the rolling-eyed superiority and disdain that hangs in the L train (usually being rolled out by me, so I know it's there).

••I wish I had a flask- Maybe for the summer time I will get one. If you search for 'flask' in MightyGoods they have the best. I especially like the small one you can attach to you KEY CHAIN! Finally a company that understands my needs.

••Also I will try to figure out enough HTML to post a list of all things I cannot buy. This will prolong the pinning, enhance the emptiness and perpetuate the self-pity. I know!

••Boy today's entry sounds pretty bad. I think I'll have some coffee. I wish I heard back from grad schools already. jeez. I'm actually in a pretty good mood.


At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need a link to your amazon wishlist so that readers like me can buy you things.


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