Wednesday, March 09, 2005

FU craigslist, hotjobs, dice, mediabistro, monster, AND careerbuilder!

••I've been applying for new jobs all afternoon. I guess my technique sux cause I never get a single response. Never. Not a good response in 4 years. I did get some good tips about interviewing- but I don't ever get that far.

• I really like this new Sony® phone. The screen says it's playing "The Mops" Late July, Working Hours. I Googled the band and came up with the first psychadelic Japanese band. But they only had one album and it wasn't called Working Hours. There is a song by them on that Nuggets box set. You know the one.

•Also my mom wanted me and my sisters to be on the family version of The Amazing Race® but I am not ready for that kind of stress. But we would all like to travel around the world. I just don't want the world to see me doing stupid shit and looking ugly and fat. Sorry mom, we'll get rich another way- I'm bound to find that big bag of money soon. And we'll keep it!

•••I'm going to have to fly through the gym tonight so I can make it honme in time for Suze Orman's PBS special, because I'm young, broke and shlumpy. Oh crap! ANTM (go Brita!) is also on at 8!. I guess I'll have to buy Suze's damn book.

••for all the ass blasting ( by this I mean 'working out' ) I am still to grande for a certain dress. once i no longer strench the sides of that thing I will have made it! then I'll have to keep it like that and I can't even think about how that really blows.


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