Tuesday, March 29, 2005


last weekend I went on another bender and friday blended into saturday afternoon too easily.

I did manage to go to N.Sixth for shows and was happy I did.

I also managed to get my ass in gear for the free WELLA studio haircut. Being a hair model sounds glamorous, but the girl took off the front parts of my long hair and now I have a shag/mullet. Makes me wish my hairdryer was this!

Anyways, I just had my first shower with the damn new hairdo and I am still unhappy about it- I had just gotten my hair at a nice place- and then someone mentioned FREE and I leap!. From now on I'm only letting Aveda students cut my hair. Those people are geniuses.

Also, I went running for a solid half hour and it is colder than I thought. But it was still pretty nice. I ran around the outside of the track at the park and didn't get attacked or run over!

Work sucks purple balls this week. can't wait for it to be over~however I have been making alot of nice color designs lately so hopefully they will be enjoyed by clients too.

Today I saved on toothpaste AND conditioner by using my Duane Reade Dollar Rewards Club Membership Card...you should get one too they have sales all the time.

I wonder what happened to:
  • Nelly Furtado~The little bird ruled the airwaves then dissapeared.
  • Rene Russo~the (crappy, I hear) sequel to her big movie is out and no one's mentioned her name at all! Does everyone think it was Uma in Get Shorty?
All I came up with is that Rene is alive, and Nelly has been making albums secretly, and hasnt abandoned the raggae ways she was leaning towards...oh who the hell cares.


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