Thursday, March 24, 2005


I think my word of the day is kind of my horoscope. Today was copacetic, and a lot of tensions had worked themselves out by the end of the day.
My dad came through BIG TIME for me today with some tax relief. I am feeling so damn glad about it- I can finally exhale for the first time since January. He's come through a couple times like this, when it really counts, thank jebus. I hate being as old as I am and having to ask him for money, when mostly all I want is to raise enough money to help my mom have a copacetic day for the first time in like ten years. Soon, soon....

••So now, with new freedom, I have been going over possible course schedules, internship opps, gym discounts, student clubs and organizations, etc...I have never been so excited about school before. They won't know what hit them. I'm feeling like winning every scholarship, making deans list and winning awards every few weeks...Inevitably, this will all bring me down come the fall when I have a breakdown and re-think this whole snafu...but until then YAY!

•I will try to convince Trollbäck & Co. to take me on as an intern over next summer- I'm not sure if they take interns but, like I said, I'm feeling ambitious, dammit.

•I got a new idea for Nubbin's festivities, but since he's so nosy I can't talk openly on my own damn blog- I guess I'll write about it on the one he doesn't know about-HA
I will say there will be some savory things added to the usual avalanche of sweetness I provide.

•I watched the American Office tonight- WTF? It's just re-enacting the original with American accents and "Hillary Rodham Clinton" instead of "Camilla Parker Bowles." It was CRAP. None of the originals tension, discomfort or realness came through. It was indeed like a dumbass BK commercial with that guy from E's 'soup'.{ C- }I ended up kind of enjoying Fox's "Life on a Stick" not the funniest stuff but the potential is definitely there- and it seemed enforced which should earn it an Emmy right away comparatively. (bitchy and self-righteous about TV am I!)
•Typing 'righteous', feels pretty righteous..

•I have to work on designing a web site for a friend- so I'm trying to do something that will force me into HTML depths I've avoided until now.

•LOG: Pretty woman X2, various Shiffer's- My ass is still enormous- what the hell!
things have to shape up man.

• Oh, and I sent out a mass e-mail, whoring myself out for extra work, to everyone I know. G-kins is insistent on the voiceover career option. I'm so totally tempted- how hard can it be?


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