Monday, March 14, 2005

Can't trust that day

Now that Ballys won't have me anymore, unless I give them money that is, I am left to my own lack of motivation for exercise. I bought a book the other day- but I think I really want the new Billy Blanks Bootcamp videos! I really want to be tight for Florida- and the summer time- and the rest of my soft life. I finally got a chance to work at a restaurant on the weekends- I have to check them out thoroughly in Zagats first. There go my weekends- but It's kind of the right time- I'm completely busted broke. I have to start hustling something. Might as well be food.
•••NEW: I have a new
idol. She won the Food network wedding cake thing- and she makes some cool-ass cakes. She went to Pratt and worked designing for Tiffany's- pretty cool. Work is lame- I'm gonna try to look up ways to understand statistics- my new poker book is really hard.
•••Because of a friend of a friend I get Bust Magazine dropped in my cubicle every month when I least expect it. This is a wired magazine for grrrls and crafterbunnies. It's not all embarrassing, but mostly , it is. BUT Amy Sedaris is on the cover and there are some lovely photos. Also, it directed me to
this interesting phenomenon. I agree theoretically and ecologically, but I just don't know. Maybe somethings were meant to be disposable.


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