Friday, March 11, 2005

Busted from behind

•••Well, I've broken my butt. I think its my hamstring, but it's very close to my ass and it kills!
So I guess its good that my Bally's days are over. I should have taken them up on their offer, but I can't sign a 3 year contract for anything.
I'm looking forward to a rager this evening- and will try not to injure myself further.
It's pretty busy at work today, but I made an ad that I like so I feel pretty good about that.
My new poker book already has my head spinning about odds and fractions- I feel very stupid, but am determined. In fact, I'm thinking about having the boys over next saturday for a tourney.
••Oh I got my girls scout cookies from the adorable Gabrielle. 2 boxes of Samoas? Why yessss.
••I also have a reason to research Savannah GA, for living situations. I'll need some time on the internet.


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