Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sorry lovely losers, but HTML sux!

I'm just kidding. I just don't know what I am doing. I hope this all changes soon- as I become a masterful coding wiz.

So today I made Diane Forley's Frozen Mocha Roulade for our little party later -and I must say I am nervous about the results. It's wrapped up in plastic as a mushy log in the freezer. I hope its frozen completely in time. I used too dry a parchment paper and half of my cake layer stuck to the damn paper. However, everytime I think something has gone terribly wrong in the process, it turns out pretty well in the end.

I saw the play Democracy last night. It was really thick with German history and names. My dull wits couldn't grasp much of what was going on, but the main actor was in the Waltons (Jonn-Boy) and was really over-doing his part. I think he's still trying to get away from being cast as dumb -hick because he was being really overly dramatic. As a whole I thought it was kind of gay. No, not
homosexual gay (although it is Broadway), but lame gay as in overly corny. Got it? My favorite part of the evening was the beautiful set.

There is a really scary photo of Clint Eastwood in the Times Mag by
INEZ VAN LAMSWEERDE and VINOODH MATADIN It's pretty cool- and Kate Winslet looks beautiful. Ass usual.

I dreamt I was at a super cool party and was having just the best time with Kate Winslet, YaYa (ANTM), Lindsay Lohan and Halle Berry. I think I looked at too many gossip rags while waiting for my manicure yesterday. I waited for 1 whole hour at the Mexican place ($5) and gave up to go across the street to a Polish place, where it was more expensive ($10) but they saw me right away.

All in all, getting to greenpoint, waiting around and then trying to get to Manhattan for dinner took about 3 hours. Hopefully I will be able to maintain my non-nailbiting long enough to get another manicure in a few weeks. I have to bribe myself with shiny pretty things otherwise I'm a lazy complainer who bites her nails, cuticles and all surrounding skin in the finger-tip area. NOw I'm just a regular complainer who with a nice manicure.


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