Monday, February 28, 2005

The Oscars: not entertaining at all.


I wonder if the Fug Ladies have ever been told about FUDABUGLY- a middle/high school term for
fucking damn butt ugly. I mean, who hasn't? Maybe its a Masshole thing.
ANYway I love checking them out and I rushed to them today to see what they could tell me about Hilary Swank's nasty purple straight-jacket dress.
Why don't people seem to care what they wear to the damn Oscars? I would. I may not always choose the best damn outfit, but I would want to look in the mirror before leaving the house and think: "yeah, I could be pretty." Not :"well, this doesnt look good on me at all. I guess I'll wear it to the most photographed media frenzy of the year."
The Ladies have the situation totally under control- they manage to assure me Hilswanks outfit choice will not go unpunished. they compare it to a mullet:

The back of this dress is a stunningly sexy cut-to-there knockout, but the front has Hilary Swank in an unfortunate's a sartorical mullet: party in the back, all business in the front.
And the Guardian says this:

Swank: yet to realise the value of tit tape.

I LOVE how the Brits just bandy about words likt tits and cunt. I think it's very posh. I mean, calling someone a tit is probably the funniest sounding insult I've ever heard %

Not everyone has access to mumsie's Bergdorf account. These are the cutest shoes I will never own. Nice Flash animation too, dammit.~

From Froghat studios- awesome artwork and lovely music in this little short. It's the tale of a little girl helping out the Big Guy.Ú

I can't figure out how to put pictures up. Is Flickr my only freaking option? I have to look this shit up.


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