Friday, February 25, 2005

A Haiku for dinner, not people

I wrote a haiku about my sandwich- and it's not that great.
Cracked pepper delight!
Cheese, mustard, mayo and bread
Blessed angels sing.

This Weekend:
  • Get cheap manicure in Greenpoint
  • Visit Christina's for some fried pierogis with sourcream AND applesauce [I might take time to check out the slutty/good-girl thing those waitresses have going on. Hott!]
  • Decide what dessert to make for our dinner party on Sunday: Its either Diane Forleys frozen mocha cake, or Les Halles (via Bourdin's) tarts. I'm leaning towards Diane asss usual. that woman is a freaking genius with dessert. R.I.P. Verbena.
  • Taxes?


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