Monday, February 28, 2005

Very Useful:

As a former waitron in NYC, and aspiring gourmand I like
keeping up with the food scene.
So special thanks to
Manhattan Waitress for this link she dubs "best site of all time"
Look up restaurants your friends rave about all the time and tell them that the kitchen staff has been fined for being un-hygenic.
I give you: The
NYC Dept. of Health

The Oscars: not entertaining at all.


I wonder if the Fug Ladies have ever been told about FUDABUGLY- a middle/high school term for
fucking damn butt ugly. I mean, who hasn't? Maybe its a Masshole thing.
ANYway I love checking them out and I rushed to them today to see what they could tell me about Hilary Swank's nasty purple straight-jacket dress.
Why don't people seem to care what they wear to the damn Oscars? I would. I may not always choose the best damn outfit, but I would want to look in the mirror before leaving the house and think: "yeah, I could be pretty." Not :"well, this doesnt look good on me at all. I guess I'll wear it to the most photographed media frenzy of the year."
The Ladies have the situation totally under control- they manage to assure me Hilswanks outfit choice will not go unpunished. they compare it to a mullet:

The back of this dress is a stunningly sexy cut-to-there knockout, but the front has Hilary Swank in an unfortunate's a sartorical mullet: party in the back, all business in the front.
And the Guardian says this:

Swank: yet to realise the value of tit tape.

I LOVE how the Brits just bandy about words likt tits and cunt. I think it's very posh. I mean, calling someone a tit is probably the funniest sounding insult I've ever heard %

Not everyone has access to mumsie's Bergdorf account. These are the cutest shoes I will never own. Nice Flash animation too, dammit.~

From Froghat studios- awesome artwork and lovely music in this little short. It's the tale of a little girl helping out the Big Guy.Ú

I can't figure out how to put pictures up. Is Flickr my only freaking option? I have to look this shit up.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ode to Orbach:

I was a huge fan, and now finally, Cat Town has paid him a proper tribute. Thank you kittens!

Sorry lovely losers, but HTML sux!

I'm just kidding. I just don't know what I am doing. I hope this all changes soon- as I become a masterful coding wiz.

So today I made Diane Forley's Frozen Mocha Roulade for our little party later -and I must say I am nervous about the results. It's wrapped up in plastic as a mushy log in the freezer. I hope its frozen completely in time. I used too dry a parchment paper and half of my cake layer stuck to the damn paper. However, everytime I think something has gone terribly wrong in the process, it turns out pretty well in the end.

I saw the play Democracy last night. It was really thick with German history and names. My dull wits couldn't grasp much of what was going on, but the main actor was in the Waltons (Jonn-Boy) and was really over-doing his part. I think he's still trying to get away from being cast as dumb -hick because he was being really overly dramatic. As a whole I thought it was kind of gay. No, not
homosexual gay (although it is Broadway), but lame gay as in overly corny. Got it? My favorite part of the evening was the beautiful set.

There is a really scary photo of Clint Eastwood in the Times Mag by
INEZ VAN LAMSWEERDE and VINOODH MATADIN It's pretty cool- and Kate Winslet looks beautiful. Ass usual.

I dreamt I was at a super cool party and was having just the best time with Kate Winslet, YaYa (ANTM), Lindsay Lohan and Halle Berry. I think I looked at too many gossip rags while waiting for my manicure yesterday. I waited for 1 whole hour at the Mexican place ($5) and gave up to go across the street to a Polish place, where it was more expensive ($10) but they saw me right away.

All in all, getting to greenpoint, waiting around and then trying to get to Manhattan for dinner took about 3 hours. Hopefully I will be able to maintain my non-nailbiting long enough to get another manicure in a few weeks. I have to bribe myself with shiny pretty things otherwise I'm a lazy complainer who bites her nails, cuticles and all surrounding skin in the finger-tip area. NOw I'm just a regular complainer who with a nice manicure.

Friday, February 25, 2005

A Haiku for dinner, not people

I wrote a haiku about my sandwich- and it's not that great.
Cracked pepper delight!
Cheese, mustard, mayo and bread
Blessed angels sing.

This Weekend:
  • Get cheap manicure in Greenpoint
  • Visit Christina's for some fried pierogis with sourcream AND applesauce [I might take time to check out the slutty/good-girl thing those waitresses have going on. Hott!]
  • Decide what dessert to make for our dinner party on Sunday: Its either Diane Forleys frozen mocha cake, or Les Halles (via Bourdin's) tarts. I'm leaning towards Diane asss usual. that woman is a freaking genius with dessert. R.I.P. Verbena.
  • Taxes?

Welcome Nothings Everywhere!

I wish I could say what was in my heart, but to properly thank you, in advance, for all the things you will be putting up with in thise blog, I will need the help of a good Scott.
This blog be a way for me to make interesting comments on everything I see and think about. And along the way we will all learn a little something. Plus I live in New York (CITY!) so I'm really up on things. I had to tell my grandma what a 'Metrosexual' was last year at my cousins graduation–she is such a rube ( "she" can be attributed to both grandma and cousin)
This Blog will be fun for you AND me. (Mostly ME)
I love you all!